Monday, June 3, 2013

Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 Miami Vs Indiana

Game 7 Boys and Girls. No way in Hades did I think we'd be here tonight. On an off topic note Greg Brady was on Adam 12. His  Mother's Boyfriend was drunk and holding her at gun point. Tell me that wouldn't make a bitching episode of The Brady  Bunch.

LeBron had better decide to take this game over because LeBron the facilitator will be home tomorrow to fire up the hibachi.

Indiana better learn how to hold on to the damn basketball

Steve Kerr says Indiana has to keep their turnovers down to 15. They'll have more than that at halftime.

Glad they don't seem to be calling the flops but this game is getting away from Indiana.
Reggie Miller just pointed out that if you're the Pacers you want to stay close...No Reggie if you're the Pacers you want to get blown out.

If you're Eric Spoelstra you have to be pleased with this first half. Reggie bringing that in-depth analysis once again.-

Poop. Miami 52 Indiana 37 at half. Really disappointed in Indiana. Gonna go take a shower put on a T-shirt in Pajamas. If Second half doesn't improve I'll be heading out to have a smoke.

Miami 76 Indiana 55 after 3 quarters

Final Score Miami 99 Indiana 76. NBA Finals start Thursday. San Antonio Spurs Vs The Miami Heat.

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