Monday, July 2, 2012

Anderson Cooper Makes It Official.

Remember back when his ratings were fairly high? Then his private life was his private life even as he was running private phone calls from Alec Baldwin to his daughter for two hours every night. This was I think in between and his war on the nutters in Colorado City AZ and his (and Sean Hannity's) war on stop snitching. Now with his ratings completely in the tank and with himself drawing considerable heat for being a surrogate for the Mitt Romney campaign every night on CNN. The time has come for Anderson to announce what we all already knew. What he spent much of life making excuses about. Anderson Cooper is gay. And now amazingly instead of being hush hush and telling us it's none of our business as he's done for 45 years NOW he's proud of the fact. Would you of made the announcement Anderson if you're viewership hadn't dwindled down to your significant other and a handful of 65+ year old women who think your hot?  Somehow I doubt it. Anyway Good for Anderson he brought his sexual preference out of the closet just about the time that his career was about to go in to one. What a coinicidink.

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